Want to prolong youth of your skin, raise the level of endorphin in the blood?

Facial lift massage is what you need. Specially developed author's technique of influence on your skin will remove from you prints of fatigue and age. The massage includes several types of approach that are neurosedative, lymphatic drainage and manual. As a holistic method, it has a healing effect on all our plans: physical, emotional and spiritual. This is a special manual technique, conducted to achieve a persistent cosmetic and therapeutic effect. An irreplaceable procedure that allows you to cope with the following problems:


  • Tired skin
    • Dull skin
      • Violation of blood and lymph circulation
        • Dry skin woes/Hyperkeratosis
          • The onset of wrinkles
            • Pastosity and swelling of the face
              • Post-acne spots
              • Headache

The effect is achieved by global rejuvenating processes in the body, giving positive external changes and improving well-being. Massage is done with applying massage oils and creams.

Duration of massage: 40-45 min

The total duration of the procedure is 1 hour

Who Does Need The Treatment? +18



  • Loss of skin and muscle tone
    • Mimic wrinkles (surface, deep)
      • Ptosis
        • Second chin
        • Pastosity and swelling of the face
Massage is done without applying any massage oils and creams.

Duration of massage: 40-45 min

The total duration of the procedure is 1 hour

Who Does Need The Treatment? +18

SPA Facial Complex

Welcome to world of quality SPA Facial
We Do Esthetics proud of use Dr. Spiller Skin Care for skin restoration, rest and relaxation. Dr. Spiller is a leading European professional Skin Care based in Germany featuring highly effective Biomimetic and Biocosmetic (Organic) Products.
Dr. Spiller Pure skin treatments focus on individualized care for every skin type and condition. Experienced professional recommendations and effective application support the most important element of Dr. Spiller philosophy: to achieve results with the highest feeling of well-being.

The Dr. Spiller Difference

Dr. Spiller’s difference is the unique emulsion created to allow the skin to breathe while simultaneously ensuring the penetration of key active ingredients to protect the skin. Dr. Spiller’s exclusive patented “HYTEC® Emulsion System” water in oil formulation prevents trans-epidermal water loss, one of the major factors in skin aging. This Biomimetic emulsion system mimics the skin’s own systems to protect and regenerate itself while assisting the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. It is highly effective while minimizing the potential for allergic reactions or skin irritation. Dr. Spiller products are biological, hypoallergenic and particularly suitable for allergy-prone and sensitive skin.